Asheville Running Experience

September 19, 2020
September 20, 2020

Returning for its sixth year, the Asheville Running Experience has something for everyone. Whether your  a roadie, a trail runner or someone who just wants to experience Asheville with some exercise and good times, amidst family and friends, this event is an experience for everyone.

Asheville Running Experience

Asheville Running Experience LogoTaking place September 19-20 in Asheville, NC, the Asheville Running Experience consists of 3 main events: The Superhero 5K/Super Villain 10K; the Chasing Trail 8K, Presented by Second Gear; and the Asheville Urban Odyssey.

Super Hero 5K / Super Villain 10K – Saturday, September 19 : Event Page

The Asheville Brewing Super Hero 5K/Super Villain 10K takes place at the Salvage Station. The 5K and 10K will start together at 9 AM. A great after party will take place after both events.

Chasing Trail 8K – Saturday, September 19 : Event Page – Presented by Second Gear
The Chasing Trail 8K is the off-road component of the Asheville Running Experience and moves to Saturday and will be concurrently with the Super Hero 5K and Super Villain 10K. Enjoy true outdoor adventure in the Asheville city limits! The race will once again be held at Richmond Hill Park.

Asheville Urban Odyssey – Sunday, September 20 : Event Page
The Asheville Urban Odyssey is the most unique event of the Asheville Running Experience. It is a combination of an urban scavenger hunt and a game show. Teams of four will depart from our headquarters and follow a series of clues to both hidden and well known Asheville locations. At each location, a team member must complete a specific task before receiving their next clue. After a team completes its eighth task they will make their way back to the finish line for their final task. The use of smart phones is not only allowed but highly encouraged.