Mission Health My Generation Running Series

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Welcome to the Mission Health My Generation Running Series. This unique race series features four Asheville running events focused not on traditional age groups but generations. This revolutionary concept will bring a new level of excitement to road racing in Asheville.

To paraphrase The Who, “We are trying to cause a big sensation. We are just talkin’ ‘bout my generation.”

The Generations

Runners will be classified and scored in one of five generations:
Centennials or Gen Z (born in the year 1996 or later)
Millenials (born in the years of 1985-1995)
Generation X’ers (born in the years 1965-1984)
Baby Boomers (born in the years 1946-1964)
Traditionalists (born in the years 1945 or earlier)

The Events

The Mission Health My Generation Running Series features three of Asheville’s established events and one new one.

Asheville Catholic School’s 12th Annual Shamrock 5K/10K – March 17
Festival Frenzy 5K – May 26 (Part of the Mountain Sports Festival)
Highland Brewing Night Flight – July 28
Asheville Brewing Super Hero 5K/Super Villain 10K – September 22 (Part of the Asheville Running Experience)

You must race a minimum of two of these events to be eligible for Series prizes.

How Do I Enter?

You don’t have to. Everybody who runs in the Asheville Catholic School’s 12th Annual Shamrock 5K/10K, Festival Frenzy 5K and/or Highland Brewing Night Flight is automatically entered into the Series. After that, you must have race at least one more to be eligible for Series prizes.

The more you race, the more points you earn.


After each race, the results will be sorted according to generations and gender. Those who finish first in their generation for that event will receive the most points starting at a base of 200.  For example, if Bill finishes first in his category at the 5K at Shamrock, he will receive 200 points in his category.  If Ted finishes second, he will receive 199 points and so on.

Those racing the 10K in the two 5K/10K events (Shamrock and Super Hero/Super Villain) will receive a 20 point bonus.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the top five male and female in each generation.*

1st Place – $200
2nd Place – $150
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $100
5th Place – $75

*Interscholastic runners and those competing at the NCAA level will be awarded merchandise in lieu of cash in order to not damage the eligibility of the runner

The prizes will be awarded in a ceremony that is part of a special event at the Asheville Running Experience on Saturday, September 22 at 5:00 PM at the Salvage Station.


Generational results from each of the Series events will be posted here after each event along with current standings for each generation. Each Series participant will receive an email following each event with updated results.

Asheville Catholic School Shamrock 5K/10K
Centennial Results

Millennial Results

Gen X Results

Baby Boomer Results

Traditionalist Results

Festival Frenzy 5K

Centennial Results
Centennial Standings

Millennial Results
Millenial Standings

Gen X Results
Gen X Standings

Baby Boomer Results
Baby Boomer Standings

Traditionalist Results
Traditionalist Standings


The Mission Health My Generation Running Series is managed by the ARX Partnership (Glory Hound Events and Kick It Events) in partnership with Mission Health System.