Glory Hound Social Club

Glory Hound Social Club LogoGlory Hound Events was created to honor the glory of personal achievement. Since that time we have inspired thousands of people using the slogan, “For athletes and communities, by athletes and neighbors,” because we understand endurance sports is comprised of small communities of like minded people across the world.

We are now taking it one step further with the creation of the Glory Hound Social Club. This new group is designed to build a new community within the larger endurance world. From this new group, we hope that smaller ones spring up within cities and towns across our market that brings together people of all backgrounds, genders and colors to get to know each other and share this wonderful world of endurance sports.

Please join us as we create commonality and friendship around our sports.

Membership Levels

Bassett Hound - $69 Per Year

(Named after the inspiration for the Glory Hound brand, Buddy)

Beagle - $49 Per Year

(Named in honor of our founder’s grand dog, Edna)

Plott Hound - $29 Per Year

(Named in honor of North Carolina’s State Dog)

About Our Retail Partners

Jus Running Logo
Jus’ Running - Located in Asheville, NC, this local running store was opened in 1998 and has been serving area runners and walkers ever since. They host two weekly running groups in town and manage the Asheville Turkey Trot 5K, Dupont 8K and the famous Shut-In Ridge Run.

Supra Bars
Supra Functional Food Bars - Located just over the border in South Carolina, this company was founded by Debbie Milne, a board certified sports dietician and 9-time masters national champion professional cyclist. These whole food bars, made with no artificial preservatives, are made with ingredients proven to promote processes related to athletic training, performance and recovery.