Glory Hound Social Club 2022

Glory Hound Social Club LogoIn 2020, we created the Glory Hound Social Club to start building a community within the larger endurance athletic world. As with any new endeavor, we discovered what worked and didn’t work with our introductory program. For 2022, we are simplifying it with just one membership level and a larger offering of discounted races.

What hasn’t changed is our desire to build communities across the endurance world honoring
the Glory Hound Events slogan, “For athletes and communities, by athletes and neighbors.” We still believe sport is a way to bring together people of all backgrounds, genders and colors to get to know each other and support one another.

Please join us as we create commonality and friendship around our sports.

2022 Membership Benefits

2022 Membership Fee: $60

About Our Retail Partners

Jus Running Logo
Jus’ Running - Located in Asheville, NC, this local running store was opened in 1998 and has been serving area runners and walkers ever since. They host two weekly running groups in town and manage the Asheville Turkey Trot 5K, Dupont 8K and the famous Shut-In Ridge Run.

Celtic Sea Salt
Celtic Sea Salt - Locally owned and operated in the Asheville area, Celtic Sea Salt was founded in 1976 and offers not only gourmet salt but other seasonings, electrolytes that you may have received at some of our races and healthy and beauty items.

Kate's Real Food
Kate's Real Food - Those who raced our events at the end of 2021 will have sampled these delicious treats made from organic ingredients with no chemicals or artificial sweeteners.